The O's / Press

“We Are The O’s” [is] a stripped-down country-rock album that is gritty and raw like a Texas sunburn.”

AM New York

“It’s a focused, substantive piece of work. A-”

Dallas Morning News

“It’s not difficult to fall in love with the richness and authenticity of the perfectly blended vocals of The O’s. The band’s debut effort, We Are The O’s, truly gets to the heart of human existence.”

“No-frills, sparsely arranged gems call to mind Rhett Miller and his knack for broken-down, introspective story songs and the raw and witty folk of the Mountain Goats.”

“Stark and remote in some places and complex when it’s called for, their songs run the gambit from traditional country/folk to an interesting Americana-tinged slacker rock.”

Dallas Observer

“The O’s on record has the raw and honest qualities that make “Between The Two” a must have album for music fans of any genre.”

“'Between The Two' has a spirited folk feel with bluegrass, Americana and pop influences abound flavored with a hint of Appalachia, not too far removed from early Scud Mountain Boys, Avett Brothers or Mountain Goats, yet sunnier and brighter.”

“Everything from xylophones to dueling banjos to Led Zeppelin to down and dirty, soggy-bottom rambles.”

“The sophomore effort from Dallas’s The O’s is amazing. It has the sly lyrics of the Mountain Goats and the alt-country lure of Ryan Adams. It’s got dashes of the heart and soul of Mumford & Sons and hints of the energy of the Avett Brothers.”

“The O's lure fans with pop hooks.”