Rest. / Press

“Rest. bring a carefully plotted out message via skillfully worked through alternative rock. Though the album is EP length in nature, the experience is fully worked out across five well written songs. Though they don’t match up in musical styling, I get an overall feel from the craftsmanship on this work of bands like Blindside, and that is a very high honor, indeed. Slaves EP brings a welcomed experience that must be delved into several times to see all the layers and depth the band offers up.”

“Hailing from Hazlehurst, Georgia are Rest., a band that proves it’s not about how long you’ve been together but how well you play. With only eight months as a band the Georgia natives have already made strides in the right direction and are off to a great start. Their cold fire sound full of passion and no-frills enthusiasm is shown in the band’s first single, “To Your Knees” with heartfelt lyrics and visceral melodies. Now with the hard hitting single turning heads in their local scene the band is gearing up to release their debut EP, Slaves this year while playing local shows both in Georgia and Florida. Some people say that the one thing in the scene that should be defended is solid music with a backbone and if that rings true then Rest. are a band to watch out for this year.”