Shakespeare's Ghozt / Press

“At this point, Ghozt can go in any direction he chooses...One way or another, Ghozt teeters on the brink of really pioneering something special.”

“His blend of hip-hop, rock, electronica and punk is.. for the people, but he's trying to create something with lasting value, too”

“2 TIme Veer Hip Hop Artist of the Year Nominee ('11,'12)”

“Shakespeare's Ghozt - New Dope ft the Lab Ratz featured on DJ Rah Eastwood's Sudden Impact Mixtape vol 2”

"Shakespeare’s Ghozt ... brought crushingly clever rhymes backed by genre-bending hybrid beats. His music is what he calls ‘Heathen’ music. It’s good, whatever it is. His charisma and knowledge of the music field’s entirety is inspiring"

“Featured Shakespeare's Ghozt as an Up and Coming Artist on the The New Heat 105.5 FM's "Da Sudden Impact Show". DJ Rah Premiered "FInally!!" and "Hey World" back to back!!!”

"Wher the wild thingz r" is #6 ranked track of all time on RadioReddit, with a grand total of six songs in it's top 50

“Featured Artist March 2011!! "It's good to see an artist who not only appreciates different styles of music, but actually uses it"”

"Shakespeare's Ghozt is a new class of M.C"

“Pathogen Radio Recommended Artist!”

"His Flow is just OUT of this World"