Future Us / Press

“The electronica portion is not overpowering; singer/songwriter and guitarist Megan Heavlin Ochoa never feels like an afterthought. Her vocals are poised, her words comfortable. Her cohort, Daniel Durrett’s electronic work is staggering in the sense that he keeps the listener in tune with Ochoa’s commanding voice. Durrett’s ‘tennis match’ with Ochoa’s vocals never seems at opposite ends of the spectrum, but fine tuned like a couples’ game.”

“A strong set of female vocals works alongside an emotive and technically brilliant instrumentation.”

“Most anyone’s got a clever song in them. I can picture these two with a dozen notebooks of cramped writing, just trying to find the time to tell all the stories.”

“Future Us is undoubtedly going to be on the festival circuit in the next few years and they might even change the game with this whole acoustic guitar/DJ concept.”

“Combining the edgy vocals of Megan Heavlin Ochoa and the organic and electronic instrumentation wizardry of Daniel Durrett, Future Us is electronica-dominated dance tracks with pockets of live instrumentation over provocative lyrical matter.”