“Three dudes wearing silver masks with sleeveless black hoodies, effeminate by a rad and sexy post screamo, blonde bombshell demon-chick – Nashville's Five Knives have an erotic aesthetic that fuses industrial power chords, hip hop undertones and a chemical pool of synthetic low fi swagger, upstaging the Yeasayer show downstairs. Many ticket buyers left Yeasayer sluggish midway into their set, filling the outdoor smoking porch to the brim and many eventually ditched, catching the second half of the raging Five Knives set upstairs in the newly renovated High Watt”

"Four mysterious kids dressed in black with face masks were the highlight of the night. Five Knives created a sound that can only be described as Bombastic. At moments they delved into the aggressive electro stylings of Crystal Castles and The Bloody Beetroots, only to drop a chorus melody that I still haven't stopped singing. Keep your eye on this band. They are for real". -BPM