F.I.L.T.H / Press

“Last Saturday night in Jacksonville, Florida at Harmonious Monks, the green room was filled with friends, family, and supporters for Twisters Music’s Birthday Bash along with its main man Bruce Lenzi, and some of the best bands in the area. Taking the stage first was Orlando, Florida’s own F.I.L.T.H. This heavy metal band is made up of vocalist Eric Mann, guitar players Mike Andes and Josh Lyons, bass guitar player Mikey V. and last but not least drummer Freddie Hull. They have one killer stage show, riding the fine line of crazy but not quite crossing it. Their stage props seem to be borrowed from some demented circus. Everything was awash with the colors lime green and black, which just happen to be the bands signature colors. They are a hard hitting metal act with fast driven guitar riffs and screaming vocals that switch in an instant to something smooth and addicting.”

"On behalf of Red Rabbit Entertainment, We would like to say that it was an absolute pleasure having F.I.L.T.H out there. Very happy we finally had the opportunity to work with you guys. Really enjoyed the set and CD, y'all killed it!! Definitely look forward to having you guys back here real soon, let's set it up!!"

Phylicia Herline - Red Rabbit Entertainment

"These guys are awesome...you guys are always doing something crazy...over-the-top without being ridiculously over-the-top"

“We were all given an extra helping of FILTH on this night. The guys were as amazing and outrageous as ever. Their devious and FILTHY little plan is working…..with solid ass kicking metal, these consummate showmen are proving one set after another that metal can definitely be good fun…. Why, be so dark and serious all the time? The more we see ‘em, the more we love ‘em, as they progressively move forward teasing us with just a little more naughtiness each show.”

“The band’s live show is something that must be seen to be appreciated and enjoyed. The band members, Eric Mann (vocals), Mike Andes (guitar), Mikey Vettel (bass) and Freddie Hull (drums), feel duty bound to put the fun back into a live music show. Their attitude and passion along with numerous stage props and skits enhanced their music, taking it up several levels beyond what has become the norm for live music shows. Witnesses to the spectacle Friday night didn’t even need to be metal fans to enjoy the show and end the night with a smile on their face.”

“They were raw, intense, and incredible on this tiny little stage. And just being honest here…. I’ve never heard them sound better. F.I.L.T.H. kicked ass in a big way (sadly, we didn’t get to see Eric’s this time). The entire place was totally engulfed in their filthy little world even without all the accoutrements of their usual show.”

“With their show at The Haven coming up Friday night, July 27th, we were privileged to get a peek into the world of F.I.L.T.H. And while not necessarily Ms. Rose’s opinion on things, we are most happy to present this straight up, in-your-face, take no prisoners interview with Eric Mann and Mike Andes.”

“Unique question to ask all of you, will you be apart of the F.I.L.T.H Nation? Metal has a new addition, might I introduce F.I.L.T.H”