CHIEFS / Press

“The two-person band Chiefs from San Diego is back with their new EP titled "Buffalo Roam" which contains 4 exercises total duration of about 18 minutes. Here we are dealing with a highly interesting musical content peppered with fuzz soundscapes that stands for the stoner / desert rock character achievements. The dynamic riffs, interesting vocals and simple drumming are the basic elements of musical structure of the Chiefs. The track "Palms" singles and made me enjoy it several times!”

"Rising through the streets of the San Diego scene is a young 2-piece band named Chiefs that just laid down their latest EP Buffalo Roam on bandcamp for free. It's a 4-song hard-hitting assault of guitars filled with crunch, pit-thumping drums and vocals with a good mix of angst and melody. "We felt this EP represents us the best so far and we're excited for the future" says leadman-guitarist Paul Valle. The band will soon be starting their west coast tour in support of the EP (Sept 26-Oct 5) & in SD recently opened for Truckfighters on Aug. 29th. Check out the dates on their .com and go check out CHIEFS live!" http://wearechiefs.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/wearechiefs/app_7085335997 - Graham Wilson (Caveman Voicebox)

“ ....The production of the EP is very good, as it provides the required volume of the guitar sound, making it almost imperceptible lack of bass from the sound of the band, which boasts a groovy character, while the heavy riffs and cheeky guitar are in harmony with spirtozika drums, which give an aura of hard rock compositions, whose vocals in the desert hypnotize their aura. The striking cover, accompanying the first job of the Chiefs , could not be more fitting with the whole concept of the band, while the first essay, which is offered for free download from bandcamp their shows, so that the Americans have all backgrounds to establish the heavy field, and dynamic compositions, though not distinguished for their originality, however, are full of freshness. In short, this is an excellent debut EP from a new and highly promising band. ”

“There’s no official bio for this band but one isn’t needed. The band is called Chiefs. They hail from Arizona. Their music is heavy desert rock which is reminiscent of the greater area.They have an EP that was released recently that is being given away for free on Bandcamp. It’s heavy and hard hitting desert rock. Fine stuff indeed.”

“Chiefs are a new band coming from Phoenix and consists of 2 members, Paul (Guitar & Vocals) and Stephen (Drums). The band a few days ago served they're first EP which you can download it free over Chiefs bandcamp. The music moves in desert-stoner rock paths and may not always be an original but is characterized and distinguished for its beautiful riffs produced by the guitar and for matching vocals that draw the attention of the listener.”