“Interesting filth…you remind me of an instrumental Melvins.”

Cellartapes Music Label

“There is no question about the quality of Sex-Accident. I’m a rock/metal guy at heart so I really did appreciate this!”

Stuart Cheese - One Night Stand Music

“Elevators is a great piece of modern post-rock with industrial taste. It is brilliant as an instrumental. I really like the thoughtful arrangement and the clear production.”

Emil Hadji Panzov - Founder/CEO of Filter Label

“I like Gordon Shumway. It sounds superb, very well produced and very industrial.”

Andy Lee - Love to Infinity Records

“Why Won't You Hold Me Computer? is a good album that will resonate with fans who can get down with drone infused instrumental metal and that aren’t scared of the dark. Recommended.”

“Why Won't You Hold Me Computer? will attract fans of bands like Tools, Lighting Bolt and Isis. Out of those three Lighting Bolt bears the most comparison not only because both bands have two members but the levels of intensity both groups possess. That being said, Blood Party implements more electronic elements and also have an industrial feel that Lightning Bolt does not possess.”

“There is no doubt that a two-piece band has to be on point. It’s even harder when that two-piece band is instrumental. In the case of Blood Party comprised of Paul Wilson (drums/electronic drums/noise) and Ben Humphrey (bass/keys/noise) they bring a barrage of noise, mayhem and destruction so that there is no need for extra players or instruments. Over the course of nine songs on their album Why Won't You Hold Me Computer? the band doesn't waste any time or space. Every moment is filled with distorted white noise, hard-hitting percussion or swampy bass residue. It’s not pretty but it’s not supposed to be.”

“. "Kittens" is the longest track on the album clocking in at a touch over six minutes. If there's a track on the album that would remind the listener of Tool, it's this one. The crunchy bass and spaced out sound make for a great journey track to get into.”

Mike Bohn - Founder/CEO From The Depths Entertainment Label

“With Blood Party going to someone who produced System Of A Down and Tool, you know the production would be top notch and this is no exception. The post rock stylings mixed with experimental undertones make this a must listen to for any fan of experimental rock.””

Mike Bohn - Founder/CEO From The Depths Entertainment Label

“Blood Party puts themselves on the line with simply a bass guitarist and a drummer. They creatively use distortions pedals, samplers, keyboards, and amplifiers to make a one of a kind sound. Blood Party has a thick hypnotic, industrial sound that make your speakers distort with sludgy tones. They can produce that familiar, sometimes grimy sound needed for an underground rock venue without saying a word. This band’s live performances leave you with visuals and sounds of a genre that is long gone. The flow of the songs are attractive with drums and bass that punches you in the heart. The bass is primarily consumed with distorted tones. This leaves room for the drums to keep beating as you wait for the soothing reoccurring melody that leads into the simplistic changes that are satisfying. These sounds keep me thinking of the industrial music of the 90’s.”

Edward Young - Rise Entertainment, Reality Check TV

““I am always left amazed when a two piece band can create music that can not only entice my ears but can keep my attention during a live performance. Blood Party gives the illusion of two meticulous guys left alone in the studio, but they are creating tracks in real time with what is on hand, and move forward to produce their unique sounds. This creates a feeling of intimacy and precision.”

Edward Young - Rise Entertainment, Reality Check TV

““When I think of instrumental groups, I usually think of having some nice music droning in the background. So NOT the case with Blood Party. Their music demands your attention! With their drummers solid rhythms to their bassists insane riffs, every song has you completely engulfed in the awesomeness of their sound. I was completely blown away.””

Melissa McGregor - Vocalist for Once an Empire

““This duo, bassist and drummer, have become quite a new style of music. Their progressive, experimental style of rock is very enjoyable.””

The World Through Your Eyes

““Their music is hypnotic, progressive and heavy. These two dudes are not only great at what they do; they're freaking rad to know and work with. It's refreshing to see another band who consistently pushes the boundary. I would love to book them again in the future. Absolutely!””

Jessica Wabbut Burke - (Promoter/Booker Blue Lamp Sacramento)

““Its very nice music…I don’t think I like the loud parts.””

Ben's Mom

““I Love this sound!””

Mid Town Radio

"Blood Party give the listener a kick start to the heart with heavy bass, pulsating beats, and in your face riffs. It's the kind of music you would risk getting a speeding ticket over, or perform sadistic rituals to. Their music nestles all trapped inside your head like a delicious nightmare."

Myki Angeline - M.A.N.A

““Aggressive, angry, and powerful! Two guys not afraid to step into the music scene and do something utterly unique, creative and groundbreaking. Blood Party is a refreshing duo that makes instrumental music alluring and interesting. ””

Michael Beard - Man Down Productions

“When listening to their music I am able to escape to a world of my own creation.”

Shawn Ernst - Threat Con Nation Magazine

“Blood Party is one of those instrumental bands that has done it right. The music is hypnotic and therapeutic, psychedelic and addictive.”

Shawn Ernst - Threat Con Nation Magazine

“Blood Party, a 2 piece instrumental band, in my opinion, is the definition of music.”

Shawn Ernst - Threat Con Nation Magazine

““Sable” – Blood Party. "Intense bass riffage, pounding drum attack, creepy atmosphere. This is heavy, heady instrumental rock."”

"One of the most inspirational moments we shared together as a band was our recording session with Sylvia Massy (Tool, Prince, Cash, System of a Down). Getting to spend all day laughing, experimenting with sound and recording our own original music with such a humble recording legend was by far one of our proudest moments in music."

"A pair of two-legged towering upright beasts, battling across Tokyo harbor. Animal bass creating tidal waves of noise to fight the dragon monster on drums. Then they fall into an underwater dream world." -Sylvia Massy (Tool, System of a Down)