Arya / Press

“Awesome show tonight! When you all fired up it made my hair stand up. Totaly rad! Best band of the night. -Marglob Zipple”

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“Loved the show. And got photo bombed. -John Tubbz McDuff”

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“Caught the show at Dardanelle and it was awesome -Danny JukkaStar Noble”

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“ppls im sober now just wanted to drop in and say you guys fuckin rocked last night thanks for the pics and the good times hope to c you all agin real soon -Shane Lamar Carter”

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“We had so much fun with you guys hope to see you all again soon take care pains of truth has your back keep rockin guys -Matt Meeker”

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“You ROCK... no doubt about it... -Greg West”

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“They deliver their own unique sound too which is great for me because then I don't have to compare them to anyone - haha. Loved the jams and can't wait to see you guys again!”

Kansas City Cassi

“Flippin awesome energy...love the crowd involvement on the 2nd song. Good shit”

Pagen Balding "Some are Ghosts"

“well you had the older crowd behind us plugging their ears, so thumbs up!!"”

Matt Gibbs "Just Like Kings"

“Got to see Arya for the first time tonight. I was massively impressed”

Frank Arena "Project Backstage"

“based upon crowd reaction and the sounds I heard from inside the SLAM studios, these guys were killing it out there. ”

JD Enke "SLAM Radio"

“Definitely a market-friendly sound”

Karl Christenson "Caucasian Debris"

“Amazing! Wish I could have got a shirt but we had to go :/ love u guys -Chelsey Danyael King”

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“I love you guys! Youre amazing on stage very nice and oh so much fun to hang out with! If you missed the show at front street then you missed a hell of a time -Dakota Dorney-Cates”

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“You guys were awesome last night!!! Loved your music!! Hope you guys will in Arkansas again soon! Again you guys were great! -Jennifer Condon”

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“Hey guys killer shit -Dan Brenner”

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“You guys did awesome last night !! I was so happy to see that you guys had an amazing crowd !! Can't wait to see you guys again :)”

Erin Staehle "Lady of SLAM"

“It was great sharing a stage with you!!”

The Green Music Brothers

“Check out this New and Up Coming band that we got to see on their second show at Music Fest 2012. This band Arya put on a great in your face show. They had their fans up on their feet! Got a minute check them out!!!”

The Girls of Canvas

“Had a blast with u guys tonight!”

Nathan George "Dark From Day One"

“The band was awesome tonight. -Christopher Horsfall”

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“Arya Rocks!I you can find them in our live music video for "New Addiction". Hopefully we will be rocking out with them soon in KC.We love our Arya family. ”

Natal John "Dark From Day One"

“Arya....you guy truly rock. You know I love ya and its looking like the rest of KC is too! Thanks for being part of California Dreaming!”

Stratgazer Productions

“This band epic!!! -Micaiah Reed”

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“OMG I freaking LOVE you guys.....just sayin :-) -Anna Kristina Rachel LaCoursiere”

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“woohoo arya rocks -Shannon Jennings Roberts”

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“A little Arya to start the day off right. I love you guys.You Rawk at what you do. MMMMMMUUUUUUAAAAHHHHHHSSSSSS......... -Dana Jean Scott”

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“Yay i was 600 like! Love you guys -Gabi Staley”

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“Since I got Spotify, I can't stop Listening to Arya. They are awesome. Check them out at CollapseFest 2012 as well as DreamKeepers Photography -Dana DanaGirl”

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“LIVE *holds up 6 fingers* FIGHT *holds up 3 fingers* & DIE *holds up 5 fingers* you guys were awesome! -Dana Scott”

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“you need to come play some shows in seattle! that is all ♥ -Amy Gregorious”

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“You guy's and gal rocked the house!DARKFROMDAYONE and I(Natal aka Red Beard) are very proud of ya'll. Keep up the good work and we look forward to playing a show with you again.”