"WeaponEx’s self-written description on their Facebook page reads as follow: “We Like Prog…We Like Shred…We Like a little bit of everything else too. We figured, why not play whatever the hell we want to play?” Amen. And that pretty much sums it up; WeaponEx are all over the place musically, but in a good way, as you might expect from chaps who list Dream Theater, Guthrie Govan, Symphony X, Blotted Science, The Faceless, Allan Holdsworth and Extol as equal influences. Their new video for “Gods and Sages” is extremely entertaining, too, further proving that a) interesting music videos can be done on small budgets, and b) WeaponEx have a sense of humor about themselves, which we need a little more of in metal."

“CoC: What is your affiliation with other local bands? Do you collaborate with them? What about more well-known acts? DB: Right now, three of our members are involved in a shred / prog band called WeaponEx, a new iteration of Mike's former band, where we do completely original music, more traditional metal. Our biggest influence has been Blotted Science. As far as collaborating, I used to play with Jay Zgoda who is now involved in local doom metal project Where She Wept.”