WEAK13 / Press

"that's badass" "If aliens tried to make rock music, it might sound like this"

“Conveying much the same menacing darkness as Alice in Chains, Black Sabbath and with the grunge appeal of Nirvana and Soundgarden, Weak13 are very much your complex, chaotic, diverse band. As a front-man, Townsend is a fierce contender, with an ability to engage and perplex with his larger than life persona. Also an accomplished songwriter, Townsend is an intriguing mix of the obscure and the raw, which artfully blends between the powerhouse tones of the band. In particular with their single “Go Away”, you see Townsend’s skill at bellowing like Cobain whilst fleetingly adopting more idiosyncratic tones likened to Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst. As a standalone single, “Go Away” epitomises the essence of the band, incorporating a cacophony of staggered, muddy, robust and wayward riffs. Along with their laconic and tortured lyrics “Go Away” is like Nirvana’s Incesticide album condensed into one song which is unhinged, raw, brutal, tortured whilst remaining an original, hea”

“Filled with angst and Weak13′s well-known domineering sound, “Go Away” falls into the familiar early ’90s grunge sound yet contains the band’s recognizable footprint.Weak13 has been together since 1999 and has built their own brand of brazen and unabashed music. The veteran band has continuously produced music that follows their own established set of rules. Defying the norm and often basking in controversy, Weak13 continue to create music that speaks from a dark place but delivers a powerful message. Their new single is a confirmation to the band’s differentiating and depicting sound.”

"Don't you just love it?.....the mighty WEAK13"

"Grunge ain't dead, long live grunge. WEAK13 definitely don't GO AWAY stick around"

“There is nothing "weak" about this strong raw sound! Except maybe the emotions and vunerability displayed in songs such as, "Wakedown"! There's no tricks or fancy effects but that doesn't mean your not in for a treat! Its the sheer talent, individuality, effort and simplicity that makes it so appealing... WEAK13 has such as raw underground yet catchy sound!”

“The brainchild of Nick J Townsend, I understand that Weak13 has had a few reincarnations (a real Mark E Smith type thing...maybe?) and after hearing the latest offering 'You don't love me' I can't help feeling a little excitement with regards to what's in the pipeline. Depending on how you choose to hear this song, you can take it as one of the best pop song attempts since the Yeah Yeah Yeahs 'Date with the night' or even 'Smells Like Teen Spirit', with a sprinkle of Mudhoney thrown in for good measure, or just a real f*****g good tune. Structure wise, it just works. And again...it's raw which is an element lost in todays mainstream music. The drummer and bassist are tight, meaning that the guitar could pretty much do anything and still sound good, again, a rare element today. So in a nutshell, if you are tired of the over produced shit currently available to download anywhere and everywhere, then give Weak13 a taste. Like Marmite, you will either love them or hate them.”

“WEAK13's music video YOU DON'T LOVE ME is full of special guests including rockers 'Left For Red' and 'Eight Great Fears'....plus a real dominatrix called 'Mistress Satine'”

“Check out WEAK13's guest appearance on OBSESSION by BECKY ROSE”

“The WAKE DOWN music video by WEAK13. Watch it on YouTube. £250'000 in 4 minutes. Directed by Chris Stone, Produced by Craig Leonard”

“10th year anniversary single out now WEAK13 - 'LUNATIC on iTunes”