W.B. Givens / Press

“Nashville musician W.B. Givens writes songs that touch on tiny particles of salvation, all of which might add up to greater salvation. He brings to the forefront his little hymns about getting by. There are the sweet magnolia trees standing tall, the freight trains hooting their hot and bothered calls off in the distance and these feelings of it all sliding away like snakes or filthy rainwater. He sings about angels - whole ones and broken ones - and has thoughts about the right and wrong times to dance, the appropriate times to cry and the times to keep it inside until you're more alone than you find yourself when the sensation strikes.”

“W.B. Givens filled the slot and filled it well, with loping songs full of mojo and meaning. His voice was proud and direct on “Two Shots of Mississippi,” which I’d like to have about now, and he cooed quietly on “Family Stone,” which drew in everyone’s attention. It was nice straight country folk backed by upright bass, mandolin and fiddle.”