Wayne Graham / Press

"There is no denying that Miles has a talent for writing catchy and heartfelt songs, but there are points on Brighter By Now where he wears his influences a little higher on his sleeve. Tracks like “New Here” sound like it could be a John Mayer B-Side, and you’d swear that “Dust Your Feet” were a cover of an early My Morning Jacket song. Other tracks play this a little closer to the vest, as in the case of “At Least”, which is a quiet and introspective acoustic track that sounds heavily influenced by a Sky Blue Sky-era Wilco. For me, none of this distracts from the honesty found in the lyrics or the musical prowess required to pull off songs that can easily be likened to such prolific musicians; it’s just a fact that neither adds to or takes from the album. Opening track, “Let’s Keep It That Way” is by an large one of the strongest tracks on the album. It’s dirty and Miles’ vocals are perfect for the sound and feel they are going for."

“Today the music scene is full of pulsating beats, mindless hooks, and cliché lyrics. But a local band, Wayne Graham, breaks this trend and brings a different sound to the table. With a combination of new age indie-rock with timeless folk style, the band tells stories about families, using personal experiences to deliver meaning through the stories they share. Wayne Graham incorporates traditional, relaxing folk sounds with crunchy guitar licks, catchy acoustic riffs, groovy beats and bass lines. The band uses a unique mixture of electronic sounds and more traditional folk instruments such as the mandolin to create an uncommon result. Wayne Graham consists of four friends making music and traveling together. The band’s goal is “to leave listeners a little different than before hearing” them. Their captivating lyrics definitely will grab you and keep you interested throughout the entire song.”

“My new favorite band! These guys play every show like it is their most important one. All heartfelt lyrics and passionate original music. YOU NEED TO SEE THESE GUYS "LIVE"!!!”

Mark Holmes - CG's Garage

"It cannot be denied that these guys are exceptionally talented. The songwriting is excellent, being both musically astute and emotionally compelling. It made me smile to see it: these guys actually care, really care, about music."