Wayne Brezz / Press

“Waynze Brezz has a new single called “She Got It” featuring Doughbeezy! This hip hop track has R&B vocals, and a great rap verse from Doughbeezy. It’s very Urban Pop and the track has great production, which is uncommon among today’s up-and-coming Hip Hop artists. The lyrics are cliche but I’ll blame that on the song’s genre. Wayne Brezz has talent. Did you hear his high note at the end? Wayne has a voice on him.”

“Over in the Ballroom, the music leaned to R&B and, as could be expected, there were some stellar voices. I played my best Idol judge and put through to the next round two big talents, Bel-Ami and Wayne Brezz. The former sang in front of a full live band, which was nice considering all the DJ-driven sets we'd heard. He had wifey swooning to "(U Do) That Thing," a throwback jam. Being from The Clarke, I'm happy to hear any talent coming from South Post Oak area, so my ears perked up when Wayne Brezz, a Willowridge grad, was introduced. He did the rest with like-butter vocals.”

“Wayne Brezz is most definitely a crooner. A hybrid of rnb, pop, hip hop and alternative. "Love Affair" is a beautiful song about a one night sexual encounter or a possible booty call. Great lyrical content and sensual vocals. A steamy love ballad. "Only One" is a mid tempo monster. Great track, vocals and production. This track speaks about a potential soul mate. The background vocals add loads of texture. The overall song is very reminiscent of a Robin Thicke or Justin Timberlake record. The percussions give it major flare. "Rage Tonight" is a club banger. A mixture of edm, pop and rnb. A gorgeously fabricated masterpiece. From start to finish you will fist pump and foot shuffle. The lyrics are intoxicating. "Ride Me" is most definitely an intimate arrangement. Reminds us of an Usher Raymond track. Vocals are clean, production is stellar but the lyrics will have your toes curl. Sexy and playful. Overall, this artist has all the workings to become a major star within the dilapidate”

“Wayne Brezz is super cool. A mixture of pop and R&B. Good production, vocals and beats. A ball of energy waiting to explode. Can't wait to see what's next for this artist?!”