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"Valance," their new CD, burns like vintage Neil Young on reverb-drenched "Livin,'" hits a twangy, country-rock sweet spot on "Santa Rosa," and motors up a fiery, fiddle-laced, epic-guitar storm on "Silver and Gold." It's stellar, burn-the-barn-down alternative country with a mountain of sound and strong group harmonies."

“An almost mind-numbing energy runs through this album, from its first notes to its last. The guitar, drum and bass work — courtesy of Chitwood Hammaker, Justin Crowther and Noah Crowther, respectively — that drive Ravin’s lyrics down the dirty back roads and endless interstates of America sound like Johnny Cash’s Tennessee Three ridin’ on some serious amphetamines. This is energy that would have been incomprehensible in the 1950s. Tracks “Then Again” and “Killin’ Time” feature some of the finest quick-fingered guitar solos to come out of a Burlington amp in a long minute. Ravin’s lyrics regarding “broken bottles, broken bones and broken hearts” (“Smoke”) are written and delivered with heartfelt sincerity.”

"A short sweet encore of “Looking at the World Through a Windshield” ended the performance, but it was as if Waylon Speed had undergone a metamorphosis of their own making while they played. And it’s as if Higher Ground knew it too: why else leave the house lights dim, but the stage lit, long after it was clear the band wouldn’t return, if not to cement the memory of a unique moment in a band’s evolution. Back in 2005 My Morning Jacket created a comparable transformation in the larger room of the South Burlington venue; the effect was eerily similar this chilly spring night."

““Waylon Speed is a really cool band...I look forward to hearing the new album" Mike Gordon (Phish)”

"It's tempting to describe Waylon Speed just in terms of their influences but such analysis doesn't do justice to the irascible spirit in this music, a genuine passion that courses equally vigorously through both sides of this album ". "during the course of "Amplifier Switches" or "Santa Rose," there is sounds reminiscent of Neil Young & Crazy Horse in their earliest days". "Waylon Speed don't share it's any debt to Yes or Emerson Lake &Palmer: read the titles to these tunes and know these guys are cowboys not dandies" "all instrumental set suggests Waylon Speed must've listened to more than a little of The Minutemen or The Dead Kennedys when cutting their teeth as a unit". "Waylon Speed recalls the outlaw country movement of the Seventies spearheaded by Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings".

“ Waylon Speed, a rock, country, metal, and all around fantastic band. Featuring brothers Justin and Noah Crowther along with Kelly Ravin and “Reverend Chitwood Hammaker,” Waylon Speed is a fusion of full rhythms, silky harmonies, and the four guys who make it all happen. As they warmed up for their spot on the Rocket Shop, I caught a few tunes and asked a few questions. The members of Waylon Speed met in Burlington quickly grew a large fan base from playing on an impressive amount of shows. Waylon Speed has toured all over the country, hoping to get their music out there and let it be heard. Having played venues including Gathering of the Vibes, Waylon Speed has rocked Nectar’s plenty of times. Expect a range of influences from Iron Maiden to the The Drive-By Truckers. With plenty of technical skills, every member contributes to songs. There’s an evident closeness as they each jam to warm up together with soft but thoroughly rockin’ solos.”

"Waylon Speeds’s debut album, “Georgia Overdrive,” came out this past April, to acclaim from the New England music press. It’s heavy, fiery country rock, for those who like their punk rock with some twang in it — but also appreciate high quality, intelligent songwriting"

"After all, outlaw country is as much about the mindset as it is the music. You say what you think, you do your own thing and you don’t give a hoot what anybody else thinks — and you don’t take any B.S. from anybody. In that regard, Waylon Speed is not all that different from metal, punk or any other style of music that’s got a knife-in-the-boot attitude"

" Kelly Ravin puts his singular stamp on the proceedings. The veteran songwriter sounds self-assured and muscular, his reedy drawl a potent foil to Noah Crowther’s plainspoken delivery." -Seven Days

"Opener,Leave Me Blue, finds the boys in classic form. Hammaker, long one of the area’s more underrated axe men, shreds fiery, twang-metal licks. Justin Crowther, as always, is a paragon of metronomic precision." -Seven Days

"It is Noah Crowther, here and throughout the record, who truly stands out. The songwriter seems reinvigorated and gives an inspired performance." -Seven Days

"Tracks such as Bobby's Car, Drivin' Fast and This City" have a grungy, closing-time Americana vibe" -Burlington Free Press Review

"Georgia Overdrive has plenty of the hard-driving, gas-fueled, open-road songs" -Burlington Free Press review

"Waylon Speed Fucking Rules!" -Billy Milano (S.O.D, M.O.D.)

"Damn Fine Work!" -Fred Tackett (Little Feat)

“Many of you saw Kelly Ravin rock the stage solo in December. Well, Kelly's returning to Roots & Tendrils on January 23rd, but this time he's bringing a crew: "filthy rotten underground outlaw dirt rock"ers Waylon Speed.”

“This just in from Waylon Speed: The speedwestern revivalists are beginning work on their debut album. No word on a release date yet, but I’m stocking up on denim just to be prepared.”

“I say only this: "Giddyup".”