Wayland / Press

“THANK YOU for an awesome show tonight! We appreciate your support of Wayland's music program!”

“ty guys for giving me a kick ass first live show”

“Drove over 3 hours from Chicago to see my favorite band, Wayland, at Crusens Farmington in Peoria, IL! So worth it!!!”

“Seen these guys and heard them for the first time yesterday at JJO Sonicboom ... new favorite band !!!”

“What an awesome night! You guys are a great band and great people!”

“I'll probably never know what it feels like to feel how you feel onstage... but I'd like to think it's something like the way I feel when I'm watching you.”

“I would love to see you guys again!! Your extremely talented!!!”

“You are a true class act and gentleman all around. Stay safe on tour and rock it fellas! See you again soon!”

“New Music Early 2017!!! Count me in for a sale....don't even need to hear it 1st because I know it's going to rock!!!”

“Welcome To My Head." Awesome Song! These guys are Awesome. Love these guys.”

"A ton of energy on stage that flows out into the crowd"