Wax Ersatz / Press

“Wax Ersatz have got an ear for divine melody without question. Their guitar work is subtle, distinct and very effective at creating a 'wall of acoustic'. In singer Stu Crane, they possess a voice that has the utterly recognisable, familiar yet different vibe, much akin to Granddaddy or Flaming Lips. 'Come Home' shows the pure song-writing talent on show with this band, and they are for sure one to keep those waxy ears open for in future.”

Numsig - Numsig's Musical Harvest

“The stuff they write is equal parts catchy, witty and beautiful. Their lyrics are kind of excellent, one particular highlight for me being the line: “You’ve got a way with words/I’ve got away with murder” from their song Out In The Cold.”

Matt Kennedy - Guitar Strung Revolution

“I am listening to some great guitar work, and I absolutely love the vocal. Come Home is a great song.”

Shashona Goodman - Indie Showcase Radio

“Electric City is bloody beautiful”

Nick Tann - Is This Thing On? Podcast

"Youthful observational folk at it's most passionate"

Will Robinson - I'm Not From London