WaveSauce / Press

“[SPY-FI] Local quartet WaveSauce is an instrumental act that sounds like the appropriate house band for a Coney Island fun house. Mixing surf rock with healthy helpings of pure kitsch, the band comes off like the soundtrack to both a ’60s espionage film and a sandy Southern California picnic. The band’s 2014 record, Stop Go!, is built around the use of the theremin, an instrument producing wavy, oscillating frequencies famously cloaked in cinematic fog. For WaveSauce, it adds a healthy amount of weird to its ’60s-pop core.”

Mark Stock - Willamette Week

“...The music of WaveSauce is like the soundtrack for a movie about a surfing spy…directed by Ed Wood. The theremin gives it a spacy quality while the guitar provides the surf sound as well as a sound like you might hear in a black and white 60s spy movie...”

“Fuck Radiohead, @WaveSauce has the best use of the Theremin ever seen! Best thing to happen to #surfmusic since Man or Astroman.”

"...that took me right back to California...while they are trying to live up to Dick Dale who will always be the consummate surf music guru, there are some bands that really come close, and these guys are one of them. WaveSauce, Black Cat Strut. I'm trying to figure out how they got that cat to do the backup vocal though, that was really cool."

Michael Angel - Michael Angel's Cosmic Grab Bag (podcast)

“Nostalgic energy!!! .....I DO DIG IT!!”

“Great tracks! Love the theremin - essential for that otherworldy 1950s B-movie vibe!”

“There is so much talent on Reverb but You are one of the few unique pleasures worth re- visiting...Rock on!!!!”

“After staring at your profile picture and listening to your tunes I slipped into a hypnotic trance I don't want to come out of...”

“The energy your music portrays is awesome truly awesome.”

“The two tracks WaveSauce present in this compilation [PDX A Go-Go] give full reign to the theremin. Pete’s heavily tremeloed guitar opens “Phantom Strut” with a touch of menace, which Cookie intensifies with her entry into the mix at the turnaround. Powers provides “Die Laughing” with a big rock beat, over which Pete power chords, while Cookie supplies an eerie electronic wail that sounds like a woman screaming. Now that’s rock‘n’roll!”

“When you hear them, the instrumental turf they tread is pretty obvious. Other citations, such as Dick Dale, The Ventures, Devo, Clara Rockmore and Leon Theremin, are totally appropriate in an attempt to capture a description of the nuances of their sound. ... It really is a weird musical world in which we dwell ... I can actually understand the relationships of those references and I think they define the parameters of this band quite precisely. In other words: Wow!”

"Creative, well-crafted compositions and compelling, well-executed performance! Best to you"

“...Even the dark lord Cthulhu needs a relaxing day at the beach—one spent kicking back, ripping some curls and swallowing bikini-clad souls. The inter-dimensional overlord’s vacay playlist sounds a lot like that of Portland quartet Wavesauce. The group offers typical instrumental surf rock of the Dick Dale/Centurions variety—except for Wavesauce’s omnipresent theremin, which lends an eerie, otherworldly sense of unease to the beach-blanket rockers’ riffs...”