Wave 21 / Press

"Bands like this one tend to only come around a great once in a while…"

““...nothing short of divine,...this record could be one of the most cohesively produced albums I’ve reviewed.."”

"Rollicking country rock Debut… one of the best initial releases in recent memory

" Wave 21 are at the top of a new wave.."

““... easily the most exciting band to watch entering the next decade and beyond."”

““...an awesome LP…..charming country crooning.."”

““..a sleeper contender for album of the year... organically fresh."”

"fabulous melody… irresistibly sweet and fun…"

"impressive debut.”

““..raw, emotional and pastoral,..it isn’t is your granddad’s country music.””

““...will make a big mark on the modern country/country rock scene.."”

““...a mixture of cutting country anthems and poetic pastoral ballads, Wave 21 deliver an absolute masterpiece.””

““firmly in the country rock style but offering something new...musically adventurous.."”

““...a satisfying amount of variety on this release…””

““..direct, well played and melodically strong music…'”

““….turning the country music world upside down….astoundingly good at utilizing the patches of sonic space that are often left over in the clean delivery of a solid country song."”

"Wave 21 more than amply demonstrates their musicianship…. a cut above your average modern country rock fare."

"Wave 21 will make a mark with this fine debut album."

““...a lively number perfectly suited for a wide audience... something very different than cookie cutter purveyors of the genre.””