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The hook line “I just wanna connect the dot's to you” from their song Connect The Dots epitomizes the reason for the brand new band WATCH REGGIE RUN. Named for what they typically do with their spare time when not playing music (usually at a track or XC course watching daughter/sister Rory...aka 'REGGIE' race) the band features the father/son duo of Davey Decibel and Loud Luke. Having a child with autism can be a challenge and communication is typically a major issue. The gift of song has proved to be a way for Dave to make a 'connection' to his son. Music can be a very powerful way of breaking down any barriers!

Using random phrases or words that Luke would often repeat (ad nauseam) around the house, Dave, a veteran of the Albany, NY music scene (ThE BliSTeRz, Legendary Losers), crafted an album of melodic Pop-Punk/Americana anthems on their debut album 'A Little Faster'. Together they hit Thinking Chair Studios and got down to work with Dave singing lead vocals and playing most of the instruments and Luke showing off his talents on backing vocals and additional percussion. Together they have produced 14 songs that will sure to have you dancing and shouting along.

Just imagine what might happen if punk rock super heroes Green Day hung out with the kid's music legends The Wiggles for a weekend and hit the record button. That is the essence of this debut album by WATCH REGGIE RUN. Picture Billie Joe Armstrong and Anthony Field strapping on electric guitars, trading riffs and knocking out a bunch of raging, arena shaking, loud rippers one evening and the next night sitting around the campfire with acoustic guitars and creating some roots rock sing-alongs. You may laugh now but you will be crying when you can't get these ear-worms out of your head!

So...turn it on...and TURN IT UP!!!

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Watch Reggie Run
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Childrens / Pop-Punk / Acoustic

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Albany, NY
Dave Graham

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