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“25 Worst Album Covers of 2013 Wasnatch “Front to Back” Actually, the sound here looks like it's moving back to front, but what do we know?”

“Words that can describe this album cover have not been invented. Wasnatch, you have defeated us all.”

“This album is a work of pure genius! It's a perfect example of what independent musicians can do with a lot of talent, creativity, rhythm, humor and perseverance. Those of us who follow Wasnatch know that they are an outstanding group of gentlemen with an outrageous sense of humor and the live shows are peppered with lots of improvisational gems and spontaneous comical antics. This is a band that will have you dancing and laughing at the same time. Inspiration without ego is a rare and beautiful thing.”

“Wasnatch hails from the Wasatch mountains of Utah, (Antarctica has a bigger reggae profile than Utah) and I was ready to hang my head in disgust and shame. Surprisingly, though, I could not hate it! What sets Front to Back apart from the myriad of other attempts by similar bands is the sense of humor that pervades the album. It’s as if they are well aware of the situation they are in, and manage to both call light to it, while still accurately performing the music they love. (Whether or not it is accurate for reggae to be lighthearted is a discussion for another time.) They are not pretending nor claiming to know the struggles life in Kingston. They’re unashamed to be white boys from Salt Lake City. If songs like “Cougar Killer” and “Skanky Dirty” weren’t evidence enough of the semi-self effacing humor of the band, one look at the cover is enough to prove to anyone that they don’t take themselves too seriously.”

“What you’re looking at is the 2013 album cover for Wasnatch’s Front to Back. To be honest, I’ve never heard of these guys, but if the cover has you curious… here’s what they sound like via Spotify. According to some folks on Facebook, this image is from a 70s German porno. I have no idea, but WOW! Is “French horning” like… a thing? I’ve heard of “oboeing” before, but not this.”

“Be sure to check out SLC's Wasnatch for some irie tunes and good vibes!!”

“The Arts Fest is happening all this weekend, but for those who can't make it to that, we have a couple local releases this week for you to check out. Starting tonight at The Woodshed where the debut release from Wasnatch will hit. The reggae fusion group have been mixing and mastering a set for a while now, a lot of it being kept under the radar with only live performances to go on. But their debut EP Midnight is sounding pretty killer as tracks were barely released yesterday on their MySpace. Check them out tonight along with DJ Dan Sharp spinning on the back patio. Just $5 starting at 9PM. I wish I had a cover but that's under raps too”