Warseid / Press

“ "Their blend of black metal terrorist tropes, classical acoustic guitar, clean tenor singing, symphonic keyboard strokes, and occasional thrash chugging strikes that oft-neglected soft spot for Bronze Age war metal."”

“Warseid blew us away, there’s no better way to put it. Combining elements of black metal, folk, and classical music, this 4-song EP is easily one of the best I’ve heard from an upstart, unsigned band.”

“If the rest of the American folky acts can be just as good as this, we may have a new branch of the movement on our hands to check out. And check out we must”

" . . . Madison’s Warseid: “Winter Legions” may initially entrance with its elegantly strummed acoustic guitar, but all that soon gives away to bottomless-pits growls and torrential riffs, only slightly lightened by some delicate strings."

“Lots of lush, layered keys, trill picked riffs and stacked vocals, just like I like. From a stunning intro, to interesting song thematics and arrangements, the war party that is Warseid bring some fire and steel from Madison, Wisconsin that may just brighten your battle worn day like it has mine.”

"One of the few up and coming bands from Wisconsin I am truly excited about with their unique blend of blackened folk and symphonic metal ... The reaction they received from the audience was overwhelmingly positive and encouraging for a (somewhat) local band. The Rave really needs to consider booking these guys more often!"