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“Erin Powers: This article is significant for several reasons. One, [Erin Powers] is one of those blue collar acoustic performers among many who provide both sweat equity and intelligence to gain an audience for their craft. Two, she represents a multiple of artists who email me through Indie Music Bus and the Indie Music Bus Directory hoping to get a feature no matter how large or small. Erin was the artist selected for this issue from those submitted. So if you’re an artist reading this blog, you can use the qualifying criteria listed on my Indie Music Bus Directory and email me at digitalearbuds@gmail.com for consideration. And now let’s get back to Erin. I noted that Erin was working with Frank Palangi and was inquisitive about that relationship in regard to her music. “I’m still working with him”

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“Review by Matt Mac Haffie Erin Powers Pretty Green Eyes Orphic Records, 2012 Erin Powers’ debut album, Pretty Green Eyes, is a no-frills gem. Many of the 14 songs that comprise this CD started as poems that evolved into songs, including the stand-out-track “Warrior Woman” (where Erin turns the anger of a break-up into a statement of self empowerment) and “Summer Fling” (where all of her self-doubt exposes an open heart… scars and all). Primarily a storyteller, Erin explores the outsider’s point of view from her front-row-seat, left-of-center. Give a quick listen to “Miss Misfit” or the album’s final track, “My World,” for the proof.”

“On to Inside the Open Mic, Episode 14. In March, I interviewed Erin Powers, a local singer-songwriter who often plays in and around Saratoga and Schenectady. She talked about a concept album that is working on and explained how her songs, when combined together and played in order, tell a story.”