Warrior Soul / Press

“A politician, musician, prophet, genius, and raving madman.”

“If fame were a by-product of charisma rather than record sales, then Kory Clarke would be bigger than God, Satan and David Beckham rolled into one. KKKK”


“Kory is one pissed off dude, with an attitude and a big ego. A rebellious mutha with a cold heart of stone and a true rock 'n' roll soul. ”

JonFox - RateYourMusic

“Warrior Soul are one of the most important bands rock has seen. They're also one of the best - the most moving, the most shit-kicking, the most chills-down-the-spine vital.”

Steve - Kerrang

“...they also created some amazing songs that have certainly stood the test of time, sounding as fresh today as when they were written.”

“Opium Hotel ...tripped out lo-fi Massive Attack-isms and classic Warrior Soul style rock. 8/10”


“Warrior Soul's Kory Clarke is unforgiving and unrepentant. He's hostile to corporations, religion, fools, the non-thinking.”

Phil Wilding - Kerrang

“Opium Hotel is a brave post-rock achievement 4/5”

Classic Rock

“a frontman who attacks his music like he was on a mission to scream and shout, to rant and roar, to grab the rock generation by the shirt collar and shake it to the core.”


“Warrior Soul [7] LIVE IN ENGLAND (Livewire) ...on this 2007 recording the band still sound vital. Now let's look forward to that new album.”

JD - Rock Sound

“Kory put a new lineup together last year and the band has been getting great reviews for their shows in Europe.”

“...passed over by a generation of young music fans who would ultimately care more for the self-indulgent trip of Kurt Cobain as their spokesman of angst, Last Decade... remains as a highly recommended foray into a world of ferocious truth and bitter honesty built on a foundation of creative music.”

John Chedsey - Satan Stole My Teddy Bear

“Opium Hotel shows Clarke at his pissed-off, acerbic, arrogant, conscience-pricking best. It’s rock… but not as we know it. Not quite.”

“Revolutionary, angst-ridden, metal battle cries presented to the world in five minutes blasts, before MTV told you that was cool to enjoy.”

“They mean to kill rock's stupidity factor, disembowel the ugly, shambling brute and give the world something with a lot more heart and soul. They're searching out a more compassionate, human rock. They just might be it's freest thinkers and brightest saviours.”


“Who knows - maybe they really could amend the Constitution and substitute 'The Star Spangled Banner' with 'Drugs, God And The New Republic'. Anyway I would vote for Kory Clarke.”

“HANG ON to yourself, brother, because this time we really are going to take a rocket ride. And sister, don't switch out that light, not yet, it seems there is something left to say after all.”

“...like a true rock star, and instantly engages the crowd with his shouts of “We are the government!” The next few tracks continued to hit me like a sledgehammer, particularly ‘Love Destruction’ and ‘Punk and Belligerent’, and I just couldn’t resist the urge to rock.”