Warren Hood / Press

"Hood has style to burn, with a knack for composing songs as ageless as they are pleasing to hear."

Margaret Moser - Austin Chronicle

"The cream always rises to the top, and there are young performers out there who will find their audience [such as] Warren Hood, a terrific songwriter and singer."

Lyle Lovett

“Tonight [Hood's] band of Hoodlums huddled about him & his fiddle with guitar, stand-up bass, drums, & keyboards. Hood's mouth curled into a sly smile as he plucked the instrument jauntily before setting bow to strings with jump blues, swing, & gypsy jazz, that the dance-floor-room-only crowd ate up.”

Margaret Moser - Austin Chronicle

“Hood is a classically-trained violinist whose peers are master pickers....this is a songwriter's album. [It] gives as much emphasis to the rhythm guitar and drums as fiddles and mandolins. Also, Hood has matured significantly as a singer, giving a deeper, brooding quality to his jazzman's phrasing.”

Michael Corcoran - XL - Austin American Statesman

“Is musical talent learned, or is a predisposition to tempos, chords and scales, a trait written in permanent marker onto DNA? Hidden inside years of training, touring and the genes of Austin native Warren Hood lies the answer — both. ”