Warren Greig / Press

“With the release of his debut CD, the “Warren Greig Trio”, Toronto jazz guitarist Warren Greig steps out from the shadows of sideman and into the spotlight as leader. It is a role that appears to suit him just fine as he leads his organ trio on an enthusiastic, inviting, and musically expressive date of nine tunes, (six standards and three originals penned by Greig) that showcases Greigs’ deep-rooted appreciation for the straight-ahead jazz line.”

“Warren Greig creates an atmosphere of intimacy on the aptly-titled Here With You. In this hypnotically captivating collection of original guitar instrumentals, Greig crumbles the walls that separate the artist from his audience. While the music isn't as introspective as one would expect from such a spare, naked setting, Greig's compositions are certainly personal and revealing; their wordless emotions open to multiple interpretations.”