Warren Buckler / Press

“Not just another ordinary folk album, Warren Buckler’s self-released debut, Like That Of The Coral, is a luminous, experimental record, infused with a tender heart and wide-eyed appeal.”

"One of the most difficult parts of writing about music is that much of it starts to sound the same after a while. Try listening to Q101 for an hour straight and you’ll get my point – posers proliferate. It’s one of the reasons we like Minus the Bear around here and also why I’m telling you about Warren Buckler. It’s refreshing."

"What is most exciting about this self-released album (Like that of the Coral) are the layers of sound that he builds. It took him a while to complete, but this debut is stunning, complex, and thoroughly enjoyable."

"His classical guitar picking style with Spanish Flamenco undertones silenced the crowd into reverent awe. "