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“Punkreviews.net Written on October 26th, 2012 by Joe War of Aggression Review Posted in General Reviews, Slider Tags: area, bay, ender, era, hardcore, heavy, metal, music, new, post core, Punk, punk rock, reviews, san fransisco, war of aggression, WOA 396942_406552872740934_1168059146_n War of Aggression is a Punk Band coming out of Concord, Ca. With two years under their belt, these guys are well on their way to bigger places than just the SF Bay Area, where they are currently listed as #1 by ReverbNation.com. If your a fan of punk rock and bands similar to Motorhead, then you’ll no doubt find a place for these guys in your Ipod. With their great renewal of 1990′s Punk Rock with some great new era riffs and lyrics mixed in makes for a really sound band. Overall these guys are great. Excellent Punk-Rocky vocals with a modern heavy twist. We Love em, and we really think all of you guys will too. Check em out! Rating: Check These Guys Out!”

“WAR OF AGGRESSION: Come out Swinging: CD-R Northern California hardcore with a smidge of metal sprinkled onto otherwise fairly traditional hardcore. They can gallop it up like any other band mining the genre, but their songs are most memorable and pack the most punch when they keep things more mid-paced and work a riff that’s a bit more thought out than the standard box-chord progression. Not a bad start. –Jimmy Alvarado (War Of Aggression, thewarcorp.com) ”

“[radio interview on Mutiny Radio] Nocturna's radio show”

“Here at Dying Scene, we are always trying to find new bands for you, the readers, to listen to. So today, we present you with War Of Aggression, an up-and-coming hardcore punk band from Concord, California. If you are a fan of Minor Threat, Rich Kids on LSD, or D.I. we recommend you give these 3 demos of songs that will be appearing on their upcoming debut EP, “Come Out Swingin,” a listen, by clicking here.”