Warhorses / Press

"Two highly impressive releases from Warhorses, a retro rock band who seamlessly combine raw, dark and psychedelic components into a thoroughly exciting whole...Song of the Month EP, which features five tracks. Rumble Seat is heavy psych-tinged retro rock with a hypnotic groove and lashings of vintage organ; reminds me a little of Purson. Horse 5 is dark rock with a Wild West twang and a loping, trancelike bassline. Crawl translates an early 1990s indie vibe into a rock setting with its drawn-out vocals and fuzzy, hazy atmosphere. Red Turns Black is a dark, snarly number that bridges the gap between goth and psychedelia. Joyful Boy is laid-back yet sinister, heavy psych-rock shot through with a sense of experimentation. On the 7" we have Burning Desire, which is slow and sludgy, with a sleazy garage rock sound, and Bury Your Dead, raw and intense retro rock incorporating a mindbending guitar solo and hypnotic pulsing electronics. Definitely a band I'm keen to hear more from."

"If you’re in the mood for some slow-roll, hard rock. Warhorses will be bringing all that and more to this year’s festival. The intensity of their music mashes effortlessly with their more trance-like qualities that make this an easy, yet rugged listen. Muffled guitar licks and incessant, rhythmic drums rev up the energy, while the vocals and bass runs maintain their dark and smooth luster. Ambient sounds can be found scattered about each track, but for the most part, you’ll be trancing along to some tasteful, dark rock that may bring out your inner demons."

" Much darker and a little heavier than some of their contemporaries, they whip up a weighty storm of smoky psych with a thunderous rhythm section, some frazzled guitar and an impassioned, forceful vocal on 'Burning Desire'. It's no shrinking violet, that's for sure."

"Fans were rather captivated by the silhouettes cranking out hypnotic and thrilling sounds…"

"..there’s certainly a darkness, but something more dreamy or cerebral about it… "

"Somehow, I’d managed to not see Warhorses before but they were worth the wait at the New Dodge. Really dark and moody in an ’80s sort of way, but with a modern psychedelic edge. It was cool when they insisted that the spotlights be switched off so that we could enjoy their dry ice. Great tunes, good show."

"Think of dark, brooding trance-rock…that’s Warhorses. They’re tempestuous, they’re hypnotic, and you will groove to the swirl of fluid and embodied melodies"

"Hypnotic. Alluring. Captivating. Warhorses embellish a sense of wonder with their music; they drag you in and intoxicate you with a dark trance, a compelling soul and deep lyrics."

“Warhorses are "beautiful and unsettling all at once, like stoking something primal in you, the wolf that wants to get out after midnight and howl up to the moon in meditative reverence for the dark rock gods of Sabbath or Zeppelin or even more modern psychedelia styles like ..Spacemen3 or..Low"”

"......Warhorses are an incredibly impressive psychedelic rock band. They will no doubt continue to progress and push their genres boundaries; hopefully forcing it into the limelight and out of its relative obscurity. Keep an eyes and ears on this group, something tells me they can’t be stopped."

“Detroit's been one of the most important cities in the history of popular music, whatever branch of it your personal taste fits. Warhorses are continuing the tradition by making heavy, psych-rock tunes like 'Rumble Seat' which is all low frequencies and blasts of organ. It's like early Factory Records releases mixed with MC5 and is taken from their latest EP 'Song of the Month'.”

“If the Stone Roses were metal they’d sound like Warhorses. Snarly, trance-y vocals and heavy riffs create something this genuinely exciting (yes, genuinely exciting).”

“Warhorses are taking the Flaming Lips-esque approach of releasing a new downloadable track every month. The last two, “Rumble Seat Master” and “Horse #5” (self-released) are impressive examples of psychedelic, sludgy retro-rock that seem to see the bands exploring a slightly more subtle way to get their message across than beating people around the heads. It’s interesting to see these obviously talented musicians progress.”

“Heavy as fuck trance rockers Warhorses sent over a new song this week, “Move”. It’s hella good too – pulsing beats and loops, snarly vocals and an evil vibe. Love it.”