War Chief / Press

“War Chief won their way to the festival with a victory at a Wakarusa Winter Classic event. They proved why they deserved a spot on the bill. The Little Rock quartet borrows from the country rock styles of Stoney LaRue and The Old 97’s, with the focus on the fancy guitar work of Andy Stringfellow.”

“War Chief's soaring, roots-inspired anthems recently won the band a spot playing this year's Wakarusa Camping and Music Festival. Listening to the group's recent EP, it's easy to hear why. War Chief has as broad an appeal as any other rock act in Central Arkansas. Classic rock diehards will dig the Allman-esque guitar heroics on "Welcome to the Real World," while the rollicking "Stand Watie" could stand shoulder-to-shoulder with The Drive-By Truckers at their most solemnly intense.”

"...War Chief's roots- and country-inspired modern rock was up next. The quartet had impressed the judges in the semifinals with their professionalism and radio-ready sound, and they kept that up Friday. According to Burnham, War Chief had "an uphill battle after Holy Shakes, but they are handling it extremely well." Bass was impressed by "super tight, gritty rock 'n' roll," with a "lead guitarist bordering on rock-star status. Great energy and melodies." Williams noted that he can't describe why he loves the Old 97s, "so I won't even try to describe why I love this band. Give this band a record deal ... NOW!""

“The judges' take on Round 3 winner War Chief Guest judges Rachel Ammons and Smilin' Bob Lewis: "Tight. Good harmonies. Would like to see them reach outside the box a little more. Nice indie rock. Mature." Epiphany: "Very polished, 'we should have our own light crew at Riverfest' type of music." Clay Fitzpatrick: "I think they played better together than any band I have seen in the Showcase. It was also the bass player's first show. I never would have guessed." Cheyenne Matthews: "Salud! Crisp, way tight stuff." Sammy Williams: "Ridiculously tight and extremely professional. Five words – 'Damn this band is good.' "”

"...the five tunes on War Chief are a brilliant, opening salvo of rock ‘n’ roll. The tunes are concise while still rollicking and good fun all around. The tracks unveil a songwriter well-versed in rock ‘n’ roll, who understands and appreciates the value of three chords and the truth, and isn’t afraid to unveil the influences up his sleeve. "