Wandering Monks / Press

"Peep this new joint entitled "Hard Times" from the hip hop duo Wandering Monks based out of Aurora, Colorado. This beat is sick on some kind of funky shit. The lyrics are deeply thought out and are laced with knowledge and positive messages."

"Radio Interview from BlazinRy with host Ryan Holmes. Listen as he welcomes hip-hop artists Dave Cirino and Wandering Monks."

"Jubilee is a musical journey that both address’ the largest problems working against the well-being, and successful future of the average working citizen, and offers a clear tangible solution for people to immediately begin taking back the control over their own lives, and truly returning to a way of living that is both sustainable, as well as fruitful."

"On their self-titled debut album, the pair tackle police brutality, economic injustice and GMOs while also telling personal stories of love, friendship and world travel with honesty, energy and crisp flow. Rhythmic influences from all over the world color McAD’s production and make the album a diverse listen that will grab the ear of fans of hip-hop, funk, reggae, dancehall, soul, cumbia and more."

" Wandering Monks' McAD and Linguistory, in tandem with their live deejay, serve up lilting three-part harmonies that wouldn't sound out of place on a classic reggae album. Influenced by groups like the Wailers and Dead Prez, the two Denver-area musicians — Linguistory grew up in Colorado Springs, McAD in Milwaukee — have a gift for devising rapid-fire rhymes that are socially conscious but never mundane."

"Funniest lyric of the past week? My money's on: 'When I'm dried up, with nothing to say / I can make some pussy-ass music, just like the Fray.' Those lines, or something very much like them — they rap fast, I type slow — were delivered by Wandering Monks, a Denver duo who drove down Sunday to take the stage and join the CD release celebration for Che Bong's Sleeping While You're Awake at the Black Sheep."