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“Walter Spencer is best known as the bassist of the Water Tower Bucket Boys. While I like the hard country/string band sounds of the bucket boys, I really like the odd timey blend of folk, string band, and country that Walter Spencer brings to his solo efforts (wrote about his debut here). The new record is called Red Romance and is available at iTunes and Amazon. “Weed” is just what you expect, a song extolling the virtues of pot. It’s funny and surprisingly convincing on the medicinal and psychological benefits of marijuana.”

“Southern California songwriter and roots musician Walter Spencer has carved a name for himself on the streets of Los Angeles with his dementedly witty songs and frenetically eclectic performances. His albums, A Sunday Night Roast in 2010 and Red Romance in 2012 have been rollicking roots music celebrations, anchored by Spencer’s gravelly voice, folked-up lyrics, and kickass stringband picking. In 2013, Walter Spencer has been exploring his songwriting even more, His new album, Love is the Balm, is the result of this period of work, and it’s his most self-assured release to date. Spencer’s music is as wildly eclectic as he is himself, prone to fascinating flights of fancy and crazy diversions, but tied together by a great heart. Walter Spencer's just about what Woody Guthrie would have sounded like if he came of age in the 21st century, as equally hopped up on underground punk shows as urban square dances, howling out songs for the common man on the streets of Los Angeles.”

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“new review - Frank Gutch Jr. writes about my music - - - As if genre-bending was really a verb, Los Angelesian Walter Spencer dives in with his own demented and sometimes hilarious old-timey/punk, right up there with Uncle Sinner‘s swamp gas/mountain music to my ears. If you like incredibly twisted backwoods music, check him out at his reverbnation page. It’s something else…..”

“CORTINES, GABRIELA Walter: Me dio mucho gusto verte ayer. I have been listening to your CD over and over, I can't get tier of your little voice with so many levels and tones and special effects. All the songs really moved me, the first one is great and I am one of the 99%, a few solos made we want to cry and the Red Romance and Now that you are gone are amazing song, the music is old, traditional and very structured with great solos, I loved the violin, the piano, the singers, the lyrics with very edgy subjects, it is a perfect combination of preserving the old traditions with the new generation's issues that affects us all. And what can I say about the banjo, you are an amazing musician, I can feel you brother! You are so fucking sensitive I am sure sometimes it's difficult to exist but keep doing it, we need your music. Like a Tom Waits but with a high pitch voice. ”


“I know Walter Spencer best as the bass player for the Northwest's premier alt-old-time band, The Water Tower Bucket Boys. He's got a crazy sense of humor in the band, Walter was kind enough to send me a copy of his new CD, A Sunday Night Roast, which features all-original songs and tunes and guest appearances from his many friends in the old-time/bluegrasss worlds. It's a fun CD and it sounds like it must have been a blast to record. There's a laid-back vibe to the album that I can only attribute to Walter's roots in the punk and folk communities of Los Angeles. These are the kind of songs you'd hope to sing along with at beach bonfires in LA, or in hippie communes in the hills of Southern California. It's not the most-PC album you'll hear (thank God!), but Walter's good nature shines throughout and welcomes you into to his delightfully warped worldview. ”