“With all four wheels putting 100hp of pure adrenalin to the ground, WALLOW SOUND is ready to rip through SWFL like a street racer out collecting pink slips! Catch them now, and thank Hot Rods & Hogs later!”

“The third stage treat was the reformed and refined version of Wallow Sound with JJ Armstrong on the drum kit! This was only the second time we got to take them in live and it only leaves you wanting more! Gregory Pope on vocals and massive stage presence he brings is the perfect dash to this already hard working group of guys. Greg is the definition of: "in your face" straight up, this is his message and he will get it through loud and clear! The band has been writing some amazing material so make sure you get out to see Wallow Sound.”

“Wallow Sound voted by our readers as HOT PICK for BEST ORIGINAL BAND at the 2012 SPOT Magazine Awards! Congratulations!!!”

“A collection of collaboratively written songs by this five-piece Charlotte County group brings together myriad influences and styles. With shared lead vocals, drums, and guitar duties, Wallow Sound presents a raw sound that is a refreshingly live feeling and not overproduced.”

“At Wallow Sound's debut at Valerie's Lounge on Fort Myers beach the band blew everyone away. It was so refreshing to see a band who was just having fun playing the music they love. In a world full of “artists” and people that take themselves way to seriously, it's really nice to see a bunch of guys bang out music and have a blast doing it. The fun they had forced the crowd to follow suit.”

Chris Delozier (DC) from 99x - Chris Delozier (DC) from 99x