The Canal / Press

“The Canal’s passion and drive is so evident in their debut album that I cannot wait to hear more. They seemed to pour every ounce of their emotions into the making of this album, and it can be felt by the listener. Definitely something I can imagine hearing on the radio.”

“Many albums that have been released lately only have a few songs that I like while I skip over the rest of them. Make A Mess is full of well put together songs that keep you hooked throughout the entire album.”

"The instrumentation on this album is nearly flawless and the fusion of hip hop vocals over rock instruments is amazing. It’s not like anything you’ve heard before. Make A Mess is the FIRST album to receive 5 out of 5 crowns from the site."

“Shy Holder’s vocals are more hip-hop than song, but unlike the rap giants of today, he makes it clear he understands humility; yet, he certainly carries the charisma to assert a powerful, poignant voice.”