Walking On All-Stars / Press

“The last act was extremely unexpected and by far my favorite of the night. We never get to see a full band at Open Mic but this band, called Walking on All-stars, came with a guitar, bass and drum set. Even though the drummer only could bring the bass, snare, high-hat, and crash for their 7 minute set, he showed his skill, keeping the beat and playing with different variations for the fill. The lead singer looked like a younger, thinner Big Lebowski with his long hair and a full beard, and the guitarist had crazy dreads stuck up in his orange beanie, perfectly fitting their trip-hop genre music. The guitarist used the wa-wa pedal like it was his job, keeping reverberations steadily present throughout the song. The bassist was groovin’ as he played. The lead singer had a tranquil rap style but a very deep and sexy voice, reminiscent of Mickey Avalon mixed with Gorillaz. This garage band from Jersey really impressed me and I’m excited to hopefully see some more of them around the LA”