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Walking Corpse Syndrome / Press

“Walking Corpse Syndrome is like the love child between Psychostick and Dethklok. We freaking love Dethklok and we freaking love Psychostick... but we absofucking LOVE Walking Corpse Syndrome!”

“The thing I personally love most about WCS are their personalities. Yeah they play dark metal, but they’re not dark personalities. They are brilliantly witty, fun & kind. They’re really like a piñata chock full of instruments, beer, dildos, whiskey, confetti, costumes & black t-shirts.”

“Walking Corpse Syndrome are kicking more ass than bands like Five Finger Death Punch are right now. Someone f***ing sign these guys!”

“This is an innovative EP to get people who might not listen to metal into the music. It really does have a track for everybody”

“When the set started, I could tell thirty seconds into it that I’d never heard anything like Walking Corpse Syndrome before. The experience doesn’t translate well into words, though I can say if there was some way to bottle the energy, precision, and enthusiasm the band put into their songs, it could be used to power a small city.”

“More of a triumphant rebirth than simply another album, “Alive in Desolation” is a break out moment for Walking Corpse Syndrome.”

“I got a new single from Walking Corpse Syndrome, and I got to tell you, it was like a Red Bull to the nuts. I listened to it over and over and over again. I felt myself tensing up. I wanted to punch something. It's so good! It's so well produced, so well done. I'm so excited for this band.”

“I just heard the new Walking Corpse Syndrome song and my brain sh*t itself from overload”

“Who likes to mix guttural death metal chops and black electric violins spitting out creepy arpeggios? Walking Corpse Syndrome, that’s who.”

“There are some bands that make you wonder how the hell they got signed and some bands you wonder why the hell they aren't signed. The Montana spawned gothcore band WALKING CORPSE SYNDROME is one of those bands that should have every label knocking on their door.”

“'Narcissist' keeps up the balance between energetic and brooding throughout its run time, using a variety of styles and sounds to earn a place in the ranks of those keeping the underground strong.”

“Two drummers give Walking Corpse Syndrome a solid rhythmic foundation, and every member of the band performs with vigor. The result is a whopping, professional look and sound.”

“Formed in 2007, the six-piece band combines gothic and industrial styles of music with uniquely dark and heavy results.”

Anna Paige & Kjersten Olsgaard - The Billings Outpost

“Walking Corpse Syndrome made my ears bleed and convinced me of the need for ear plugs. Still I wanted more.”

“...I'm betting that WCS are one of the best at what they do, as their music is creative and the performance is tight.”

“Everyone in the band has fantastic technical chops. There’s some violins and some great ambient ethereal stuff... It’s all really tight; and unlike some of the metal CDs I’ve received, there’s great in-studio energy going on.”