Walking Bicycles / Press

"the quartet hauls doom metal's weight through post-punk's sharp corners... Jason's unnerving bass lines and Deric's relentless drumwork mix seamlessly with Jocelyn's screams and Julius's squalls. It's a singular engine of sound"

“doomy, booming music that sounds like a medical emergency crossed with an existential crisis... Almost as impressive as its sheer power, though, is its concision”

"dark and aggressive, but they've got plenty of hooks"

"adventurous and immensely satisfying"


"eccentric noise-pop"

"caustic and unconventional post-punk"


"Walking Bicycles are conditioning the impulses into a brooding texture, a little reminiscent of Pretty Girls Make Graves after a month without a glimpse of sunshine, deficient of Vitamin D and fed up"

"Dynamic, genre-defying act from ambitious local label Highwheel Records"


“Highwheel Records founders Walking Bicycles kicked off the show with a searing set of garagey post punk music a la Pixies, My Bloody Valentine and even a hint of Devo here and there that would set the tone for the rest of the evening. The smoldering but precise vocal delivery of Jocelyn Summers and the angular assault of guitarist Julius Moriarty leapt and slashed around the glacially marching low frequency bedrock of drummer Johnny M and bass player Jason Leather and within no time the floor was swarmed with a jubilant mass of sweaty rockers. Spin magazine was right on the money when they called Walking Bicycles “Dynamic and genre defying.” ”


“Chicago outfit Walking Bicycles plays arty, sleek post-punk that sounds like a riled-up Yeah Yeah Yeahs.”


"Since moving to Chicago from the misty verdure of Arcata, California, Walking Bicycles have made themselves at home, in part by starting a label, Highwheel Records, whose roster includes La Scala and Unicycle Loves You. Their hooky, restless postpunk—mightily focused on the 2006 EP Disconnected by the efforts of Brian Deck and Steve Albini—has a sharp big-city bite and savory whiffs of Wire, Pixies, and early Siouxsie. Since that recording, founding members Jocelyn Summers (vocals, percussion) and Julius Moriarty (guitar, vocals) and Chicago addition Jason Leather (bass) have found a permanent drummer, Johnny Mars, for their first full-length, ¿Go? (High­wheel), ten tight, spiky, beautifully paced tracks that glow with what sounds like the sheer joy of playing. "


"Frontwoman Jocelyn Summers and company manage to deftly evade the trite angularity and faux coldness of most post-punk revivalists, instead evoking early, abrasive Siouxsie and the Banshees and even touching on Clinic's more frenzied forays into noise pop. Last years full length 'disconnected' sounds exactly that: chaotic, disjointed, and confounding in the most exhilarating way possible."