Walker Fields / Press

“Walker Fields play super-kick-ass slide guitar ass-whoop, just two guys and a hell of a lotta energy”

“His sound is based on a mix of folk music and Delta blues, with songs that are placed under the supervision of an acoustic guitar and harmonica. The recently released album "Gettin 'By" is his second studio album containing thirteen new songs all of which he himself has composed for this CD........But other delta blues artists inspired "Walker Field" to create "Gettin 'By" pure roots album that also repeatedly reminds the sound that we know better' Seasick Steve '. Opening track "Real Loving Kind" is a song that has 'Seasick Steve' could be brought and the subsequent tracks "Soak It In" and "Long Way Home" exhibit similar characteristics. For the somewhat older music lovers among you, so may be our own Belgian hippy sixties sound and Ferre Grignard as a reference state for the songs "Walker Fields" on this CD brings ”

“Brad Senne (a.k.a. Walker Fields) showed an eerie, almost channeling ability to bring the feel of the Delta north up the Mississippi. “Gettin’ By,” released just a couple of months ago, had the rawness of Fred McDowell and the rough and tumble hill-country mojo of R.L. Burnside rolled into one. ”

“Walker Fields is a new pseudonym of established Twin Cities songwriter Brad Senne, who spikes his rootsy, dusty and often haunting folk style with an acoustic-blues punch and some timely hard-times lyricism on his first album under said moniker "Gettin' By."”

“Accompanying himself with guitar, harp and a slide, the Minneapolis musician attacks the mix of original tunes like a junkyard dog gnawing on a piece of raw meat.”

“gritty yet pure Americana sound”

“.... dusky, stomping performance of Guthrie songs and original tunes reminiscent of a softer Charlie Parr. ”

“The album is mostly singer songwriter of the dust bowl style of folk-Americana, so we already know I’ll like it. It has its fair share of the lone acoustic laments that I absolutely love from Brad Senne (if you haven’t picked up his “Aerial Views” album yet, you are missing out – so click here). Songs like “Dead & Diseased, “Stormy Weather”, “Hold Me Still” and the below “It’s Not Me” are stand outs for me personally. Even the opening track “Old Machine” is one that you could see a Mathew Ryan singing…and this bodes well for this new project of Senne’s. Also, there is more than the slow burners performed on the album as Walker Fields does kick it up a notch on a few tracks, so all you “rockin” types can enjoy a couple of tracks from “Sky Falls In” as well.”