Waldheim / Press

“Modern day metal is more varied than ever before. However, the distinction between what is and what isn’t good has become more difficult and subjective than ever before because of the level of experimentation some bands are taking to. Its easy to establish what is good from the old school scenes of each of the genres and sub-genres within metal because the music is still accessible in the modern era, but with this new breed of hybrid acts and the establishment of new sub-genres, the classification rules have been altered significantly and we, as listeners of the metal industry, are finding it difficult to collectively establish what is the stand out material from the modern era of metal. To an extent, the old school makes it easy to distinguish between good and bad and how far the gap is between the two, but nowadays, these issues are a lot more confusing and perplexing than ever before due to experimentation and, most notably, hybrid acts that are seemingly dominating the scene.”