Waking Alice / Press

“It starts out one way — with a fairly bleak perspective — and ends by realizing that with the bad, there must also be good; and also you need to take control of the situations around you. These tracks offer a great look at what Waking Alice has grown into in these last two years, and just what a solid group they are. I’d say it’s the best thing the band has done in all their years together, and it leads you to wonder: If they’ve grown this much as musicians and writers in just two years, then what will the next batch of songs sound like?”

"With disc in tow, the band has big plans to walk the fine line between rock and metal and attract listeners of both."

“Waking Alice are making plenty of noise”

“The Mansfield prog-metal quartet Waking Alice has just released a killer new EP. The Shaping has a lot of purely melodic moments, though it’s still hard charging.”