Wade Baker / Press

“Jazz musicians are often asked why critics seem eager to write jazz’s obituary. What are your thoughts on this question? People’s attention spans are now measured in nanoseconds, and jazz requires a depth of thought that the modern world does not accommodate. We have let our culture become watered down and perverted to the most pathetic levels ever, and it’s reflected in our artistic endeavors. Most people think “American Idol” or “The Voice” are acceptable forms of “live” entertainment and consider karaoke singers to be musicians. Frankly, the lack of appreciation for true talent and ability makes me question how long anyone will care to watch humans creating live music anymore. – WB”

“WADE BAKER...Music maker, band leader, dream weaver of Jazz! Hot trumpet RULES! Jamming with Jazzfesters til the wee hours!”

"WADE BAKER ENSEMBLE...Wade's trumpet rocks our little stage for a rare treat. Central Indiana Jazz welcomes this fine player back!"

“There are fine lines between confidence and arrogance and humility and self-doubt. Wade Baker is nowhere near either line. His confidence is as boundless as his musical talent, and yet he takes neither his abilities nor his place in the Cincinnati scene for granted.”

“The Wade Baker Jazz Collaboration CD is an embodiment of diversity, skill, romance, and fun. This CD is highly recommended, and Wade Baker is to be congratulated for his hard work in a successful debut release.”

"A recent UIndy graduate is making a name for himself on the Cincinnati music scene."

“Wade Baker plays bass guitar in the band, as well as several other instruments. You see he's a student at The Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, working on his masters in jazz trumpet.”

“Wade Baker is among the hardest working musicians in Cincinnati - touring a multitude of venues in every far corner of town. Wade's group brings a distinct sound to jazz standards, bebop, funk, soul, and much more makes this event a must-see.”

“The Rebound features some very-very talented musicians including Philip Wolfe-keys and harmonica, Wade Baker- bass and trumpet, Rudy Miller- drums, Ben Walkenhauer- alto and baritone sax”

"The Rebound begins with "Nobody's Bizness" showcasing Jon's well developed voice and slide guitar. Justice rips into "Bad Bad Man" featuring an accomplished horn section lead by Wade Baker on trumpet and Ben Walkenhauer on sax." - Crossroads Blues Revue - 2009.

“Enjoy this unique combination of jazz, R&B, blues and groove from local trumpeter Wade Baker and his versatile band of musicians. The group visits The Greenwich on the third Tuesday of each month for a show too good to miss!!!”