WADADA / Press

“TRANSFORMATION is a needle-sharp arrow of sweet truth, powerfully poignant, razor-honed with a driving cool that insists with understatement, sinking its hooks deep into my heart, impossible to ignore.”

David Namerow (Congas/HandPercussion) - Reverbnation Fan

“INI MLD is part of the future of music. They are bearing the torch for hip hop that is real and relevant, righteous and still raw. much success my brothers. Salute. stic”

Sticman of Dead Prez - New Day Liner notes

“i saw these guys at a college showcase and they completely blew me away, they were easily on of the livest acts ive ever seen(ive been to near 100 shows).”

streetsweeper06 - fan on Youtube

“Give Thanks my Lord,In fact it was your works that caused me to look for new levels to spread Quedamawi I Word Sound. I n I seek for more revolutionary ways and no dreadlock-hype. And it was you my brethren who showed I that HipHop has exactly that potential I was looking for. Blessed Love in Janhoy”

Lidj Dominiq Yehyah Anbesa - Fan on Myspace

“these dudes know how to put on a show and you can tell they really love what they are doing. only regret i had about their show was that i didnt cop a tape of theirs. i wish them the best.”

streetsweeper06 - fan on Youtube

“missed you while i was out there but I got a copy of your cd and wanted to let you know it bangs!!!!!!!! Keep up the hard/good/passionate work-it's in u. peace + love.”

u don't know who - Fan on Myspace

“Thank you for another great performance last night!!! The CD 'A New Day' is bangin'!!! Whoever hasn't gotten one yet, needs to get on it!!! LAVA! LAVA! LAVA!”

Bless da Mic showcase - Fan on Myspace

“been a fan since '95.. can't wait 4 the new album.. keep the music going.. 1 love -EL”

Elevation - Fan on Myspace

“Peace Brother.... Really liking the "New Day"... Appropriate title, has the good old hip hop feel that's missing nowadays... All the tracks are dope, even the interludes... Keep up the positive work.. PS I like the hidden "treat" ya threw on the end... Take Care. PEACE!”

Just Progress - Fan on Myspace

"cause da biggest terrorist is Amerikkka..." LOVE IT!

F. Lopez - Fan on Myspace

“INI is the best!”

Josie - Fan on Myspace

“Uhuru InI You did it yet again! You performance on Thursday was what I was waiting for, thank you for coming through and gracing the FDM stage once again. Hopefully we will see you soon. Thanks again for your support and your talent. Uhuru Sasa Till It's Won!!”

Free Da Mic Showcase - Fan on Myspace

“just stoppin by to show some blue black n brown power luv to InI! muthaFLUCK da downpressor!!! power. "IT'S A NEW DAY ON THE PLANTATION!!!" flotisory, burn em slooooo...”

Mike Flow RGB Fam - Fan on Myspace

“Blessed love Idren....just passing through to send some love. Keep the fyah burning and itunually feed the minds of the masses. Haile Selassie I guidance...Ises”

Designs of Judah - Fan on Myspace

“yes-i greetins jolomite from long beach cali!!see you at dead prez. keep puttin it down on the east coast! burn down babylon!!! peace!”

Iand I records - Fan on Myspace

“They are both honest with their craft and they are sincere with their message. It has been my sincere pleasure to know these brothers, to work with, travel and make business moves together .”

Sticman of Dead Prez - New Day Liner notes

“Roots(King Negus), who is the producer and hardcore lyricist is also a living example of what a real Rasta is. Father,martial artist and entrepreneur as well, Roots' flow is straight in your face, challenging and descriptive. His voice is strong and fiery and compliments his partner Jolo.”

Sticman of Dead Prez - New Day Liner notes

“I have seen the love and growth they have put into their works and have been greatly inspired by their righteous hustler ethic. Jolo is a positive, powerful yet humble spirited, multi-lingual, loving father and the essence of a natural emcee. His poetry is streetwise, proverbial and free spirited.”

Sticman of Dead Prez - New Day Liner notes

“Thx for sending those CD's out. I really enjoyed the INI Mighty Lockdown album, some really good tracks on it. I will spread the word, peace from germany, Knowbody”

Knowbody - Fan on Myspace

“I check for the I dem alot thru the music. I always try to come out to your shows Love the word sound& message = powers.. So hail up! stay blessed and keep being that voice for INI. We love the rugged rasta hip hop.. a rare ting dat!”

Relly Ras - Fan on Myspace