VZion / Press

“You'z a refreshment to hip hop.”

“Loving your message real powerful. Keep it coming. Blessings 2 you. Divine Charle'nee”

“I remember going to Wuerzburg to see you perform at that club..... you look and sound well, Alphaeus!”

“You are a very wise young brother and I'm glad you still live to help...evolve us.”

GLC Mims (The Vocal Doctor) - Reverbnation

“I go all over these charts listening.I like knowing whose doing what,Whose got what.feel me?You,my musical friend's,have a major skill set and I appreciate you much! ”

GLC Mims ( the Vocal Doctor) - Reverbnation

“V'Zion your vids hit hard, sick work! I just want you to know that im not DIBIASE, I just do interview's with fellow artist that im interested in when they come to the bay. I'm a photographer/videographer. So if you ever show off your talent in the bay, you'll be sure to see me there. Keep the music comin!”

“Everyday inspirational music for ones own personal spiritual and mental growth. Diverse instrumentation with versatile flows, places V'Zion in a league all his own. A true vision of soulful underground hip hop indeed!”

Samantha McClendon - The World Travelers/G-City

“I like our collabs alot! Its real music plus it sounds very proffesional too,and we do it as indie artist! we can go far with this hip hop music! everyone on my side loves the trackss when I play them in my home studio!”

“hey man!!!! nice trackz!!!! u got that real raw hiphop trackz!!!! if you have the time!!!! can u check out my page and let me know what u think bout my musik!!!! thankz man!!!! ”

“I'm feelin your lyrics bro,you got something special here,keep it up.”

“Keep up the good work.. Diggin ya music..”

“Thanks for becoming a fan, also want to add that you have an incredible flow/style, your also very lyrical.You have lot of great qualities going for you in your music.”

“Yo! Your music is really dope homie!”

“Beautiful...I love the message and only what you do for God will last. Nice work”

“Praise GOD my brother feeling what you doing the anointing is on you son.”

“Excellent flow!”

“I See true life story... in that i believe”