VYIE / Press

““VYIE produce perfectly realised electronic pop, with a vaguely haunting melancholic edge.  Sounding like a sexier more sinister, ethereal  Warpaint, there’s something utterly beguiling about their sound which ebbs and flows with electronic pulses, echoing synths, sleazy bass lines and celestial harmonies.””

““Vyie hasn't been around long and as far as I know this is their first show in Atlanta but if they keep making catchy, driving and mysterious music that sounds like it was made for cruising down a freeway late at night with the windows down they will be playing many, many more shows all over Atlanta and everywhere else as well.” ”

““‘Too Far Away’ is another dreamlike snaking slice of chilled out electronica which is the auditory equivalent of being slowly, breathlessly,  teased and seduced.” ”

““It’s [“Abuse U”] a gliding ambient soundscape that might run placid if it weren’t punctuated by low-end squelch and throb that gives it an interesting murk, breaking the airy lightness with something more foreboding. The visual component, a collage of distorted scenes spliced into disjointed images seems apt for the duo’s abstract, meandering arrangement.””