Victor Valdez / Press

“this is interesting to see today how the past is used to become a “new” material!”

“(...) currently #1 in Paris, #4 in France and #100 in the Global rank. Yesterday (they) were even #7 in the hot chart. We're very proud of all these achievements (...)”

“The Glimps develop different versions of a song, post them to Facebook, and allow the fans to vote on them”

“The Glimps want to make the music that their fans will enjoy the most. This music indicates huge revaluation in music history. So must enjoy this.”

“This playlist is a collection of The Glimpse songs, including my favorite track “Save Me”. If you are a huge fan of French electronica music, you will love this playlist. So turn it up now!”

“Head over to their myspace for a preview of The "Glimps debut album, a concentrate of funk, pop with a retro vibe (...) Smooth harmonies and steady beats are a key ingredients of The Glimps sound, which brings a newfound energy to funk, contaminating it with other genres within pop and electro."”

“This is a really interesting idea - this band are letting their Facebook fans participate in the production of their songs by voting and telling the band what to do.”

“The Glimps are using Facebook to get fans’ input for their musical works-in-progress. (...) The test tracks – which will also be posted on Reverbnation – will run for just 30 seconds but anyone signing up to The Glimps’ mailing list will get full streaming access, which the band says is way of maintaining a ‘special relationship’ with fans”

“The Glimps are using Facebook in a most innovative way, actually allowing registered members on their Facebook fan pages to vote on each and every aspect of a track before it is released.”