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"...known for one of the most entertaining live rock shows around."

"...one of the most original and inventive bands you'll ever see."

“Wendell Gee, program director of WBRU: “I was really excited when our panel of industry, media and artist types gave them such high marks, enough to win this year’s Rock Hunt. VulGarrity is one of those acts that’s just too much freaking fun to miss them because you don’t ‘get’ them. I get some fatigue watching bands try to out-hip each other; Tracy and Shawn are great people hoping to do something crazy and fabulous and exciting for a crowd, not stick their noses in the air and demand to be treated as artists. It’s no secret that there is no other Alice Cooper-inspired dance rock brother-sister duo in town right now. There is also something refreshing about their musical risks, from the aggressive use of looping to the gender switching within the vocals on some of their covers.””

“Sibling goth-rock duo VulGarrity never ceases to amaze when it comes to a live show. Using a "do-it-yourself" approach to music, Tracy and Shawn Garrity play every instrument in the band at the same time including harmonizing vocals. They even trade instruments without missing a beat, sometimes in the middle of a song.”

“Their songs are fun, horror-tinged dance rock numbers that are bursting at the seams with energy and mischievousness. Tracy and Shawn switch instruments frequently, moving in between drums, guitar, bass and keyboards in an effortless manner. The songs stand on their own, but watching VulGarrity fluidly trade instruments makes for an amazing and completely one-of-a-kind live experience.”

“VulGarrity is known for their jaw-dropping live show, where the pair often switch instruments — sometimes mid-song, with Shawn capturing a riff or bassline through a loop pedal, then trading places with Tracy behind the drum kit.”

"fascinating to watch...infectious as Hell!"

“VulGarrity’s sophomore release, Dance 2 the Grave, picks up where their debut left off, and then proceeds to blow it away. Dance 2 the Grave just sounds bigger, the songs are better.”

Marc Clarkin - Motif Magazine

"Definitely a band to keep tabs on."

"Bravo, VulGarrity! I implore you to check this band out."