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“When I got your fan message I looked forward to sharing with you. Domestic things have been rough, but I'm back. You ladies are delightful. Honestly! I knew anyone who understood my lyrics would be. Really good that you include your lyrics...I'm a lyrics person...lyrics give the music purpose. I hope you are finding your backup group. I'll keep plugging in to your sound. Go! Go! Go! You are already there...it's the world that needs to catch up to you...don't let the music scene change you...you are perfect just the way you are...grandpa talking!!! : ) Honestly! I've waded through forty-some-odd fan communications today and yours is the music I'll be playing tonight and tomorrow! Honestly and sincerely, take time to know who and what you are today, because if you are different a decade from now, you will be less. Granted, time makes a person older, but in rare cases, time makes a person wiser...be YOU and don't let this society convince you otherwise...”

Arkay Oghe - Reverbnation format

“ Hi VueJaDay, thanks for connecting us :) We send a big Hello from Berlin (Germany) over to Bolingbrook, over to you. Have a great day and a successful week. Cheers Mike, Mark & Big 'D' ”

“ From: Artist - Jacine Thanks! Haha yall good, gone be the next Destiny Child :) ”

“It is always an enormous pleasure to hear young artists but in the case of VueJaDay their delightful tracks do more than give pleasure. These are incredibly engaging performances with a real sparkle of star quality, beautiful! ”

“Great tracks! I love what you're doing! You've got what it takes to become superstars!! xx Your new fan, Juliann ”

Juliann Andreen - RN

“Oh My! VueJaDay! you are so Awesome! we love you! May all your dreams come true! Love Manee and the ABC girls :)”

Mandee and the ABC girls - rn

“You will become great artists to the measure of your talents! Future stars, never stopped and make ​​your dreams come true ! your voices so authentic and beautiful !”

“Your music is amazing. dry your eye sounds radio quality for sure, kinda a 90's feel to it too, nice work... keep in touch!”

Tina Ray - RN

“haitchet giving you props on "addiction" that joint is smooth and hott.so check us out”

Artist - I.L.L. Mafia - RN

“''all the best too..."”

“I love you! Your music taste rules!”

"Ya Think" is my fav of yours.....

"Ya Think" Wow nice! Where do I get the CD? :D

"Only The Lonely" is a wonderful song.