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My name is Rich Latimer I am the lead singer of popular Australian “positive consciousness” band Very Unique Existence & the developer in a world first in music education called Awareness Shows which is taking consciousness raising music out to youth around the world dealing with social, emotional & environmental issues.

I have a passion for music & events that promote consciousness connection to heart, soul, earth & other beings. I believe music changes people & people change the world & I write music for this purpose & for joy, dance & love.

Rich Latimer’s belief is tattooed right on his arms “music changes people, people change the world” & he has stood by this concept his whole music career, delivering music that is permeated with positive & conscious messages. Having a music career spanning 15 years with projects from rock, to roots trio’s & intimate solo performances he has honed his craft to become a special performer with an endearing presence.

Rich started writing songs at age 14 years as a way of expressing himself & dealing with the realities of his extremely unique childhood, being raised outside society in the bush in mountainous inland mid NSW, Australia.
Taught guitar by the same person responsible for many of his life trauma’s (his step father) it was a communication medium between them that worked & Rich identified with its ability to reach deep inside a person beyond words & thoughts & not just for the purpose of moving their body but for moving their mind & soul.

At age 15 he started in his first rock band being a local covers band & was 20 years younger than his colleges who were seasoned session & jazz performers that expected a high quality of musicianship he would practice for hours & hours daily to artist like, Led Zepplin, Cat Stephens, Pearl Jam, Sound Garden & other 90’s rock heroes.

Leaving home around the same time & putting himself through High School & University saw more attention needed on survival than music but he never stopped playing guitar or having extreme experiences that required, resilience & self reliance.

In 2004 he started a “positive consciousness rock band” Very Unique Existence which started as a two piece & ended up a 4 piece progressive rock band which achieved many career highlights including international airplay, playing with many large artists & having video clips played around the world, in particular their dance re-mix of Take it Easy making huge inroads into the dance scene and currently Hearts Embrace playing globally.

Then in late 2010 his younger brother suffered a server head injury in a car crash & was given essentially no chance of survival, Rich played music in particular the song “Hearts Embrace” to him relentlessly over the duration of his coma confident despite modern science’s evidence, his brother was receiving the communication & was going to make a miracle recovery.

He played many times in the ICU ward & made a pact that should his brother come back he would devote his music to more than just entertainment & sing to youth around the world about opening their hearts & minds to a conscious & present life.

His brother not only survived but is a certified medical miracle with an almost 100% recovery, Rich kept his pact & started specialised tours to High Schools called www.awarenessshows.com

During this time he started to also perform solo for the first time which developed so rapidly seeing him with residencies in a range of places as well as doing his own tours & Awareness Shows independently of Very Unique Existence & performing with artists like, Jason Mraz, Wendy Mathews, Elijuah Wood & playing events like Peats Ridge Festival.

This solo journey has continued with Rich building a name for his engaging & inspirational performances, half story telling half music performance & still with the ability to get people to their feet. He offers the listener a range of perspectives with no judgement & an open heart just sharing what he has learnt in songs & allowing each one to interpret in their own way.

Rich is a performer able to wow audiences or humbly lay an atmosphere of soothing positive sonic vibrations. His ability to connect with teenage audiences and capture, open and heal hearts is incredible.


Rich has released 4 records over the last 8 years 3 from his band Very Unique Existence and 1 single for his now emerging solo career, see the discography below and be sure to visit itunes to purchase music as after all you the fans support the music!

2004 - Very Unique Existence V.U.E. - 7 Track CD "Open"
This cd was created as the result of the band winning a band competition and was originally recorded as the two piece they were at the time with his long time friend Chris Boniface and featured session Bass players.

2008 - Very Unique Existence - 7 Track CD "Everyone"
This cd featured one track from the first EP "Take it Easy" which after the addition of Bass Player Mick Harris and the magic touch of producer Karl Hemmings was destined to become a Top 20 Hit in Australia and see the bands career really start to take off. Recorded with a session keys player the band now were in need of a person to fill this role and this happened early 2005 with Wes Seewald joining the band to fill out the sound. The band went on to tour extensively and the film clip for Take it Easy made TV in Australia and the USA!

2012 - Very Unique Existence - 7 Track Single - "Hearts Embrace"
After the crash involving Rich's brother and after he had been playing the song countless times in the ICU ward on his acoustic guitar, then band got into the studio and recorded a number of versions of this "miracle song".

2013 - Rich Latimer - 3 Track Single - "Eclipse"
This song marks the beginning of a solo career and shows the versatility Rich has as a composer.

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