Vudu Sister / Press

"Inside the museum stage, the Low Anthem hosted Newport Homegrown, a selection of up-and-coming Rhode Island bands with standouts including Vudu Sister's early-Nirvana vibes" (on Vudu Sister's performance at the 2013 Newport Folk Festival)

“While we were quick to crown Vudu Sister as a stellar "indie-folk" band the first time around, McCurdy has made it abundantly clear that Household Items is a full-blown garage rock album."”

"His 2012 debut, Bastard Children, not only made a memorable mark on the local folk rock scene, of which The Low Anthem is proverbial royalty, but stood as a testament to Providence’s community of musical talent."

"'Household Items' continues in the vein of cranking the volume up and rocking out like a grunge hurricane..."

"Tracks such as “Buffalo, NY” remind me of classic Blind Melon, and when has that ever been a bad thing?"

"Brewed with a bit of Crazy Horse, a dash of Nirvana, a pinch of Scott Weiland and throw in a bit of those experimental early 90s bands for good measure. This is a record ("Household Items") that will sound completely familiar to you upon first listen, and with each spin you will become further and further away from that initial response."

"...a lovely echo of the British invasion via The Animals or The Hollies. “Dead Man’s Pockets” is a slow, swampy crawl through dark and bluesy White Stripes territory..."

"McCurdy's guitar is bright, clear, precise and reminiscent of Appalachian folk. O'Connor's violin is wistful and understated, the perfect counterpoint to the guitar and support to McCurdy's almost keening vocal delivery. A prime example of this is found in "Psalms", what could best be described as a wartime death ballad. The sadness and loss heard in McCurdy's voice is felt more so with the violin whilst the guitar punches it home. Another notable standout was "Daughter of the Woods", on which Chris Owens, of The Wrong Reasons, lent some support on electric mandolin."