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“Two years ago, one VS broke into the Gaborone scene with a certain O icheke tune which captured the ubiquitous infidelity of many Gabs men as well as the looseness of some city girls. What made the song popular more than anything else was the rich Setswana language used in its lyrics. While its story line may have been captivating, it was not novel in any sense. What was more arresting was its language use. For the first time we heard Setswana idioms laced with Setswana colloquialisms and backed by solid bass and piercing strings. But the Hip Hop artists are not trail blazers in Setswana music. It is the enduring work of Ratsie Setlhako with its opaque obscenities which has inspired many Setswana musicians. ”

The Linguist Chair - Sunday Standard

“Really enjoying your songs. Superb music!”

“Hey VS, So fantastic, love the vibe, the delivery, the music, and a great voice! Definitely pop/radio ready.”

“Dear wonderful friend, Great music! " ROCK U TONIGHT" so refreshing and impressive! great vocals! Thank you so much for sharing for magnificent universe* Nice to meet you! Peace & Love* Ryo, ”

“The popular local musician ‘Vs’ is the brand ambassador of the campaign whose debut album O Icheke’s rich in lyrics, which infuse cultural norms, acknowledge that MCP is not an easy topic and will require concerted efforts of all stakeholders to tackle. “We can only achieve our HIV free generation by building and shaping our individual characters to resist MCP,” he said. In his foreword on the National Campaign Plan MCP, NACA coordinator Batho Molomo says that with the launch of this campaign, the “Government of Botswana has made a commitment to achieving the goal of zero news infections by 2016”

“The hottest arrival came from an unlikely genre - Tswana Rap by Mpho Kalayamotho, popularly known as VS Cufflinks He came from nowhere and captured the hearts of music followers with his "O Icheke", a song that cut across the whole gamut of fans, making it a serious contender for song of the year. VS's unique rap skills went on to see the debutant make it to the finals of this year's President's Day cultural festivities. He also sealed a lucrative advertising deal with Mascom, another rare thing for local musicians. Before this newcomer, Mascom used South African rapper, Hip-hop Pantsula.”

“very cool electro groover with "rock u tonight"..chunky beat, twisty electro riff and great autotuned vocal. Floorfilling about to kick off!! Tasty!!”